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Friday, 03 June 2011 17:23
Vertical Gardening
The B&Q vertical garden prepared a Vertical garden for the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show.

A green wall is basically a vertical garden bed (and they are referred to as vertical gardens). Green walls are a relatively new trend, that is not only space efficient but equally productive as traditional ground based gardens.

Green walls are a great alternative for gardening in small backyards, and is an ideal solution to the general increase in higher density living. Many new developments now see green walls specified by building designers and architects as the walls can become an integral part of the house design, not only offering produce but also providing shade, privacy and natural cooling to the dwelling.

The Vertical Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show was, in more ways than one of the most popular, with Gwyneth Paltrow and a host of lesser celebs puffing their way up the steps to admire the solar-powered water supply, the vertically growing thyme, the window boxes of strawberries, and the walls planted with chives and tomatoes.
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