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Friday, 20 July 2012 16:38

It was a very wet day when we visited Hampton Court Flower Show but it didn't put off the crowds.

As we walked in we were greeted by the wonderful tunes of 'Casa Blanca Steps' a 1920's music group who were playing at the main bandstand. This lifted the mood and brought a smile to everyones face. Their joyful tunes must have also brought the sunshine out. We got several hours of sunshine to enjoy the shows full glory.

Here were some of the show highlights:

Hampton RHS Floral Marquee

First stop was the RHS floral Marquee. The Floral Marquee which saw some amazing nursery displays.

A big suprise and highlight was the Craig House Cacti‘s stand. Craig won a Gold award for his display. The Huge cacti had amazing blooms that would make even the novice gardener consider owning a cactus plant.

Another mention should go to Jayne Thomas who created a garden that celebrated the Diamond Jubilee. Nestled amongst swathes of patriotic coloured planting and trees, there was seating area to sit and take refreshment. Little hard landscaping, lots of well crafted accessories and masses of pretty planting. She was also awarded a Gold Medal for her efforts.

Hampton promotes family gardening

Unlike its Chelsea counterpart, which bans the under-5’s, Hampton Court has always embraced families. Their was a display of scarecrows, designed by schoolchildren at the Palace Garden Gate, north side of the show ground that were a great addition to the show. Scarecrows were themed towards the 2012 Olympics. The scarecrows included rowers, cyclists fencers and footballers. The children's sense of humour was apparent with a paddling pool labelled beware of crocodiles and a paper mache diver ready to make the leap.

Low cost high impact gardens at Hampton Court

We were very impressed with some of the low cost high impact gardens. They demonstrate that a fixed budget is nor barrier to a stylish outdoor space.. Four garden designers showed just how much you could do on a limited budget by creating gardens that combined practicality with inspiration.  Nilufer Danisof Landform Consultants, with £7,000 to spend, created a garden in a new home for a young professional couple who would have little spare cash. We still feel this may be a little high for the average first home buyer but at least it gets you thinking what a couple could try if they got out there and started digging.

The Rose Marquee at Hampton Court

At the rose garden there were 12 floristry exhibitors. The exhibitors made use of paintings and sculptures to provide a romantic feel. We were particularly impressed with the wedding dress of roses by Chichester College, Brinsbury Campus and the Romeo and Juliet scene produced by Wood College, Guilford Surrey, awarded gold for their efforts. Another great highlight was McKinlay Gibson's display, The Romance of the Masked Ball, that used an array of foliage and roses to create giant masks pf colour.

Photo's from the show

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