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Thursday, 16 August 2012 13:15

RHS Encyclopedia of Conifers: A comprehensive guide to cultivars and species

The largest and most comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of conifer species and cultivars ever published has just hit the shelves.

RHS Encyclopedia of Conifers: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivars and Species is a substantial new reference book, published this month by the Royal Horticultural Society and Kingsblue Publishing, detailing conifer cultivars and species. It was written by leading conifer experts Aris Auders and Derek Spicer.

Illustrated with over 5,000 photographs, this two-volume, 1500-page encyclopedia features 8,000 cultivars and all 615 conifer species with their subspecies and varieties, which is more than any other illustrated book. It is a rich source of inspirational photography and informative plant descriptions.

The cultivar information has been compiled with reference to the RHS International Conifer Register, including as yet unpublished data, and includes descriptions, finder or originator, date and country of origin, and synonyms. Particularly useful is a guide to size after 10 years for the majority of cultivars. The species descriptions follow the most recent botanical classification of Farjon (2010). There is also an extensive appendix listing all the conifer collectors, nurseries, arboreta and individuals responsible for introducing new cultivars over the last three centuries.

Mike Grant, RHS editor of specialist publications, says: "There are now thousands of conifer cultivars available so this complete reference book is a much needed guide to this fascinating group of plants."

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