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Monday, 01 October 2012 13:52

Garden tidy up with Fiskars

A series of garden tools specially designed to make the end of season tidy up just that little bit easier

As the days begin to draw in and the temperature drops, the thought of bare branches in the garden looms closer.

Now is that time to prepare your garden for the winter, tidying up hedges, trimming trees, planting for winter colour, and planning for growth in the next season. Fiskars tools are designed to make gardening easier and below is a selection of tools suited to autumn tasks.



Planting bulbs and trees a smarter way

With longer evenings spend time planning your garden for the season ahead. Whether this is structural work, such as putting up new fences, planting trees and bulbs or aerating , there's a new product from Fiskars that is a revolution for the keen gardener.

The Fiskars QuikDrill™ makes light of the arduous task of digging. When a precision hole is needed there is simply no better tool for the job. A side step from the spade and a step forward from the traditional spiral screw thread drill, the innovative Fiskars QuikDrill™ uses two optimally angled boron steel blades secured around a sharp drill spike, to cut through even the most tricky soil and dispense with the common problem of jamming blades. For accurate excavation work, a calibrated indicator on the shaft guides you down to the optimal 60cm drilling depth. At the same time, soil is easily and neatly removed by the rotating twin blades.



The options

Fiskars QuikDrill™ S - working diameter 100mm for planting bulbs, aerating & fertilizing soil and installing small posts

Fiskars QuikDrill™ M - working diameter 150mm for perennial planting, aerating & mixing compost and installing medium sized posts

Fiskars QuikDrill™ L - working diameter 200mm for planting hedges and trees, drilling compost holes and installing large posts

Purchase one size and you can then top up with a choice of small, medium or large spare blades which are easily interchangeable. RRP is from £60.99 for a small version to £63.99 for a large QuikDrill.



Raking up leaves

It can be quite a task raking up leaves in the garden. Fiskars presents the Garden Light Large Lawn rake designed to reduce back strain and make garden work easier. Part of the Garden Light family, the Large Lawn rake is perfect for quick clearing and collection of leaves and debris. Weighing only 850g with a strong plastic coated aluminium shaft the Large Lawn rake has a drop shaped soft grip handle for optimal grip. Fiskars has added a tag to the handle for hanging to keep the garden shed in good order. The Garden Light Large Lawn Rake has an RRP of £31.99.




Shaping the garden

When the branches get bare it's time to trim trees into shape. Fiskars Universal Cutter Telescopic Cutter enables safe and accurate cutting, while keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground .

Pruning the tops of trees, harvesting high fruit and shearing tall hedges is out of reach of most gardeners when the only options are getting out a ladder and climbing up. Such jobs can easily be put low on the list of to do's when there are other tasks requiring less effort. Recognising that most people prefer to do such work with their feet on the ground, Fiskars Universal Cutters have been designed to significantly extend reach to easily trim, saw, shear and pick fruit at heights of up to six metres.

Pictured is the Universal Telescopic Garden Cutter that, like all of the Fiskars Cutters, has an adjustable bypass cutting head that can be rotated up to 230 degrees to achieve the optimal required cutting angle for the job in hand. The Universal Telescopic Garden Cutter is 2.41m long, extendable up to 4m, which enables the gardener to reach up to 6 metre heights.

Meanwhile the extremely efficient PowerReel cutting mechanism with up to 12 times more cutting power than standard mechanisms, ensures great results, generating enough power to cut even the toughest branch (up to a 32mm diameter) - all with a simple pull of a string. The Universal Telescopic Garden Cutter has an RRP of £119.99.




Cutting back plants

Once the summer growth has come to an end, cut back dead plants and use them to feed your compost. Fiskars has a selection of top quality secatuers. New for 2012 is the Fiskars Inspiration™ that adds colour to the garden. Based on Fiskars award winning SingleStep™ range, Inspiration come in trendy white or violet colours in either bypass, for cutting back green growth, or anvil for dead wood. High strength, lightweight handles and anti-friction coated carbon steel baldes cut through even the most resistant twigs and branches. There are two different snips which are designed for multiple cutting tasks like plastic, sheet, webs, plastic tubes, ropes and hose.

The Inspiration™ range is accompanied by a full complement of planters and cultivators in the same fresh colour palette. The anvil and bypass Inspiration™pruners are available nationwide at DIY stores, garden centres and online. They have a RRP of £14.99 each.


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