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Celebrate St George's Day with Little Lucy Willow PDF Print E-mail

Thursday, 29 March 2012 10:53

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“By George!”

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Celebrate St George's Day with Little Lucy Willow

Popularly associated with the story of slaying a dragon to rescue a princess, St George, the patron saint of England, is celebrated annually on 23rd April.  Little Lucy Willow, the exclusive luxury children’s furniture company, has created a fantastic range of new furnishings and accessories to inspire and commemorate Englishness at its very best!

www.littlelucywillow.co.uk Stockist: 0845 8030988

Taylor Wimpey has teamed up with property guru Phil Spencer to offer expert advice for those thinking of buying their first home PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 March 2012 04:52

Taylor Wimpey has teamed up with property guru Phil Spencer to offer expert advice for those thinking of buying their first home. In a series of five video guides, Phil will share his knowledge, top tips and practical insights to help with that all important first step onto the property ladder. To Buy or Not To Buy


Monday, 26 March 2012 16:49

Vanilla White BedChildrens Single Bed - WhitePainted Bunk Bed


1. Vanilla bed in red was £250: Now £200
2. Jango white bed, was £275: Now £220
3. Sugar & Spice dark blue Bunk was £675 Now £540

What with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games, this year’s all about great stuff going on in Britain. And once again ‘red, white and blue’ is the nation’s favourite colour theme.

To mark these great events, at The Children Furniture Company we have introduced patriotic colours into the cute Vanilla range and these now sit alongside a whole rainbow palette of colours available in the Sugar & Spice and Jango ranges. This not only includes beds and bunks, but also desks, chests, wardrobes, toy boxes, bedside tables, bookcases and more.

Cut Chores Not Snores This Weekend - The Sleep Council PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 March 2012 17:09


As Britons head towards the first Spring weekend of 2012, The Sleep Council is advising everyone not to lose any sleep over it!

For while it may put a spring in our steps, this weekend is also the shortest one of the year. The clocks go forward by one hour on Sunday March 25 as European Summer Time begins, meaning one less hour of weekend.

Said Jessica Alexander of The Sleep Council: “A lot of people may be tempted to pack as much as possible into the weekend and make up the lost hour by having less sleep. But our advice would be to cut back on chores rather than snores  - it will do you far more good!”

“The Butterfly Effect…” PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 March 2012 11:20

Exclusive new butterfly carved furniture range from Little Lucy Willow

Little Lucy Willow, the exclusive luxury children’s furniture and accessory company, has an exciting new range of furniture in the shape of a beautiful butterfly…  Pretty in pink, the Jemima Butterfly range is guaranteed to make little girls feel like a fairy princess in their very own butterfly-kingdom.

Launched this year is Little Lucy Willow’s exclusive new and distinctive Jemima Butterfly Bed. The head and footboards are beautifully shaped like that of a butterfly and upholstered in pretty pink gingham.   It has the innovative and practical feature of two height settings; making the Jemima Butterfly bed perfect for toddlers and growing children by easing the difficult transition to ‘big’ bed.

How to care for your lawn on minimal water PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 17:08

With an impending hose-pipe ban affecting much of southern and eastern England, keen gardeners fear parched lawns and barren flowerbeds as plants wilt and fade without much-needed water.

To help calm anxieties, gardening experts at Bosch Lawn & Garden have offered their advice for maintaining a healthy lawn despite a lack of water:

· Mowing the lawn tends to start in early spring but don’t be tempted to cut it too short. Taller grass has more surface area to soak up the sun’s rays and traps more moisture.
· Keep your grass clippings and use them as a mulch. This can be done with a mulching attachment to your lawnmower which cuts the clippings in very small parts and ensure they are pushed back into the soil. The extra nitrogen will help keep soil conditions healthy and retain moisture.
· Look at treating your lawn as early as possible to ensure it’s as healthy as it can be and strong enough to cope with a possibly dry summer.
· Collect as much rainfall as you can by installing a water butt – they’re not expensive and are easy enough to install.
· Using water from the washing up bowl or bathroom sounds like a wonderful solution but should be treated with caution. The detergents could be harmful and aren’t advisable if you have children or pets. Test out on a small patch first and if it proves successful move on from there – make sure it’s cooled and pour from a watering can.
· In any case, always water first thing in a morning before it is too warm and simply evaporates – failing that, in the evening so it keeps the lawn moist overnight.
· Finally, remember that even if your lawn does start to look parched it doesn’t mean it has died. It’s a resilient plant and will re-emerge once the rain returns.

Recently awarded Best Brand by Which? Bosch’s range of cordless lawnmowers have adjustable height settings to allow you to lightly trim and also have a Multi-Mulch accessory that collects the grass clippings and returns them to the lawn as you mow.



00075_00175.jpg00075_00174.jpgA Bosch Rotak 34 Li lawnmower is £299.99 and the Multi-Mulch accessory is available from £12.99.


To help install a water butt, Bosch’s Keo is the perfect multipurpose saw. The lightweight tool has a unique A-Grip hook which enables safe and simple one-handed sawing. Available at £89.99 with a 5-blade set for plastic, glass and metal at £12.99.

Nautical but nice...! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 16:20

Jack & Molly Bed - HR.jpg

www.littlelucywillow.co.uk  Stockist: 0845 803 0988

Camper Van Model - resize.jpgLife Ring Cushion - cut out resize.jpgWashed Wood Fish Mirror- cut out.jpg

Go with the Aqua Flow PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 13:47

Frontline Bathrooms is pleased to reveal the latest additions to its exclusive Aquaflow brassware collection, the incredibly stylish Stream, Losan and Summit taps will add the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom...

Stream Lifestyle2

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