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Gary Barlow’s former home has been put up for a sale for a massive £7.25million. PDF Print E-mail

Thursday, 23 June 2011 23:40

It wasn't long ago we told you about Robbie Williams' sprawling manor on Rightmove, but it appears bandmate Gary once had some serious digs of his own!

Gary Barlow's former home has been put up for a sale for a massive £7.25million. Gary is thought to have bought the property for a cool £1million back in 1995, right around the time Robbie broke millions of young girls' hearts by leaving Take That; he then sold the house around 5 years ago for around 4.7million (after he'd installed a state-of-the art recording studio of course!)

Delemere Manor Estate is situated in Cuddington, Cheshire and is just what you'd expect from a boyband (now more 'manband') heartthrob. The property boasts six bedrooms, a nightclub, cinema room, a gym and a games room… and that's just in the main house! The estate itself also houses the Delemere Manor Lodge which has a further four bedrooms and a staff flat with further accommodation above the garage of the manor.

Pottermore - JK Rowling unveils something unique. A online reading experience unlike any other. PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 June 2011 12:19

JK Rowling wowed her audience with her books and now comes a little bit extra for her fans. Watch the you tube video to find out more and visit http://www.pottermore.com to sign up for the chance to be one on the first to experience this new online world of Harry Potter. The phenomenon continues to thrill children and adults of all ages..

JK Rowling's Pottermore is a landmark for digital publishing PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 June 2011 12:13

JK Rowling's Pottermore shows up other authors and publishers who have yet to embrace the digital age, writes Olivia Solon.

The vast majority of books that have migrated to the digital world as ebooks have simply replicated the printed page. Some of them may have search and note-taking functionalities, but most ebooks are very much the web 1.0 equivalent of the literary world.

Pottermore.com, while not perfect, represents a significant landmark for digital publishing. J.K. Rowling has not just hauled out her manuscript and plonked it onto a website with a bit of frilly window-dressing from a digital agency. Instead, she has laboured for a year in close collaboration with creative developers TH_NK to curate an experience that really takes advantages of the unique properties of the web.

Not only has she written 18,000 additional words which help build on characters, places and objects for the site, but she has also helped develop a great series of interactive web experiences and gaming elements.

Pottermore lets the user choose a magic username and join Hogwarts in the virtual world just as Harry does in the books. Interactive features include a digital ‘Sorting Hat’ - which allocates Hogwarts’ students to a house and a ‘Wand Chooser’ – a tool that selects the appropriate wand for a user based on a series of questions.

Summer Protection for Your Furniture PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 June 2011 06:30

It’s a great time for topping up the tan, but summer sunshine can be as damaging to furniture as it can to flesh!

According to G Plan Cabinets, protecting good quality wood-crafted furniture from the potentially damaging rays of the sun is as important to maintaining its good looks as keeping skin safe is to our health. Says md George McGraw: “Strong sunlight can wreak terrible damage on cabinet furniture – whether it’s dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, display cabinets or wardrobes.

“Constant exposure damages furniture by gradually weakening any protective polishes and fading the wood. Over time UV light will bleach the colour from it, beginning with magentas and deep reds and working its way through the spectrum.

“Strong sunlight may also dry the wood out and ultimately cause cracks and ‘bubbling’ which, if not treated in time, can ruin prized pieces.”

New York, New York ...a new look for shutters PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 June 2011 21:18

2011 Decorex sees the launch of 'New York', The New England Shutter Company's radical new design.

Highly architectural, New York features 99mm wide blades which are 12mm thick with a deep, angular edge profile. This gives the shutters a monumental feel and a strong shadow line to bring new focus to windows, screens, room dividers and sliding doors.

The perfect screening solution for large areas, New York's sculptural look is highlighted by The New England Shutter Company's unique tilting mechanism which is concealed within the shutter construction. Also launching on stand will be 'Hampton' shutters, featuring the same blade profile, but with a traditional tilt-rod mechanism. 

Over A Third Of Renters Do Not Have Contents Insurance Swinton Reveal PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 June 2011 19:43
Swinton Insurance is reminding UK renters about the importance of having adequate contents insurance in a rented property after it was revealed that over a third do not have any.
Swinton, the UK's leading high street retailer of home insurance, surveyed 1,200 people who rent homes across the UK and found that 37% do not have any contents insurance whatsoever.
The survey also revealed the reasons behind renters not having adequate contents insurance with 27% admitting that it was too expensive, while 10% deemed it 'not necessary.'
London Property Market starting to recover aided by Asian buyers! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 June 2011 16:22

According to real estate agents, despite the royal wedding and bank holidays, the buying behaviour of the people didn’t change much as in April the sales were resilient. NAEA’s (National Association of Estate Agents) recent property survey showed that eight properties were sold in the month of April (per-Branch). The figures were quite the same in February and March also.

On average, elsewhere the number of people registered seeking a property decreased a bit from 290 in March to 277 in April. Parallel to that the supply level also increased a bit in April by 69 available properties per branch as compared to 68 in March (according to NAEA Agents). A decrease of 2 percent was also observed in sales to the first-time buyers.

Make the most of your sitting room using colour, texture and your favourite pieces of furniture PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 June 2011 20:08

A living room, also known as sitting room, lounge room or lounge (in the United Kingdom and Australia), is a room for entertaining adult guests, reading, or other activities. The term front room can also be used to describe a living room, because in many homes the living room is at the very front.

In modern homes and apartments, the living room has replaced the old-fashioned front parlour. In the 19th century, the front parlour was the room in the house used for formal social events, including where the recently deceased were laid out before their funeral. The term marks the twentieth-century effort of architects and builders to strip the parlour of its burial and mourning associations. This room was relabelled with the more affirmative term "living room" in the 20th century.

The sitting room is a space for doing; from laughing to reading to talking to snoozing. We show you how to make the most of this essential space using colour, texture and your favourite pieces of furniture.

A typical Western living room will be furnished with a sofa, chairs, occasional tables, and bookshelves, lamps, rugs, as well as other pieces of furniture. Traditionally, a sitting room in the United Kingdom would have a fireplace. In Japan, people traditionally sat on tatami instead of chairs, but Western-style decor is also common to have in Japanese homes nowadays.

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