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Sunday, 02 September 2012 03:47

Reclaimed and Remade


Art and antiques dealer, Susan Gaston, has taken her love affair with the trade her family has been in for three generations - shoes - to create stunningly unique, handmade pieces for the home using vintage 1930s wooden shoe lasts, crafted by one of the finest shoe factories in Northampton.

At first, Susan and her husband Jimmy had no idea what to do with the vintage shoe lasts Susan had stumbled upon while sourcing stock for her business, which she then bought on impulse and a sense of nostalgia. They both agreed the shoe lasts should be recycled and preserved, not least because they are an important symbol of industrial heritage.

Gradually, the pair started to see fresh uses for them and set about making a range of objets d'art. Susan and Jimmy co-design the pieces before Jimmy painstakingly restores each shoe last before hand-making the striking pieces using natural wood.

The lasts have been given a quirky new lease of life in the form of coffee tables, mirrors, bookends, doorstops, coat pegs, table lamps and bookshelves. They also take bespoke commissions.

RRP from £29.99 for a single shoe last coat peg.

07899665197 or 020 8293 1240


Lasts available from independent lifestyle retailers in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Northants, Bucks, Beds, Herts, Essex, Oxon and Cambs.

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White Dove & Wonder
Sunday, 02 September 2012

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