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Sunday, 02 September 2012 03:52


Date: 29th August 2012


One of Britain's favourites has been chosen by the British Sandwich Association as its Sandwich of the Month in September - Cheddar Cheese with Branston Pickle.

Not only is Cheddar number one with consumers making sandwiches at home but it is also a top favourite when we go out and buy our sarnies at lunchtime. Indeed, the Association calculates that we eat over 20,000 tonnes of Cheddar in commercially made sandwiches every year. Coupled with Branston Pickle, which is another consumer favourite, an astounding 119 million cheese and pickle sandwiches are consumed every year*.

Coinciding with British Cheese Week later in the month (September 22-30), the Association is featuring a Classic Ploughman's as its sandwich for September, with a good dollop of Branston pickle to add a bit of extra flavour.

Throughout the month sandwich bars across the UK will be featuring this traditional sandwich.

Classic Ploughman's

2 slices Bread

10g unsalted butter

60g thick sliced vintage Cheddar cheese

1 thick sliced Yorkshire ham

30g Branston pickle

4 slices of Apple and / or small tomato - sliced

How to make it

1. Butter both slices of the bread, spread the Branston pickle evenly on top of the buttered sides.

2. Place one slice of bread on a board and top with the cheese, ham, tomatoes and / or apple. Place the remaining slice of bread on top. Cut into triangles, serve and enjoy.

The Sandwich of the Month is part of the celebrations for the 250th Anniversary of the Sandwich this year.

As part of their support for the Anniversary, Branston are also putting up a special competition prize for the month- a £100 wicker hamper with glasses, plates and cutlery plus Cheddar and Branston. Those entering will also have an opportunity to win a holiday in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). To enter simply go to www.lovesarnies.com and follow the competition links.

*TNS Usage 12m/e Feb 2012.

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