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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 15:25

Every bedroom needs a few important pieces. Fill your room with quality dressers and nightstands, a beautiful bed, and other furniture that suits your personal needs and style.  It doesn’t matter how you decorate your bedroom, if you don’t have great furniture, the room will look old and outdated.

Choosing the Right Bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom because it creates a natural focal point.  Buy platform beds to take up less space if your room is small.  King size platform beds give you plenty of room to spread out at night, without taking up a lot of space within your room.  When you buy platform beds, look for a style you like that coordinates with dressers and nightstands in the room.  You can find these special beds in all sizes, especially if you order online.  Platform queen beds are the best choice if you are single and want to preserve space.  When you shop online and order platform beds, free shipping is often included, so they aren’t as expensive as you might think.


Bedroom Dressers - Your Solution to Your Space Crunch

You should also invest in some beautiful bedroom dressers. You can store clothes, socks, shoes, or even books inside of dressers, so look for pieces that are made to be durable.  If you don’t have much closet space, bedroom dressers are the perfect solution.  You can stash away all your everyday clothes in the dressers and save your closet space for formal pieces such as dresses or suits.

Make sure you look for dressers and nightstands that coordinate to keep your room from looking cluttered.  When you buy matching pieces of furniture, it pulls together the overall theme within your room.  It might be difficult to find king size platform beds that come with matching dressers.  If you have trouble locating a matching set, splurge on some beautiful bedroom dressers and then buy platform beds to match.

Buy Online for Additional Savings

Check online to buy directly from furniture manufacturers.  If you buy bedroom dressers together with platform beds, free shipping might be included as a bonus.  Most manufacturers will give you some great discounts if you buy several pieces at once.  If you shop with some specialty stores, they might even offer platform queen beds much cheaper than normal bed frames.  In most cases, platform beds require fewer materials because there is no headboard.  If your room is small and your budget is limited, platform queen beds are a great choice.

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