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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 10:28
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Feel the funky flow with Vorwerk Carpets

Retro style combines with cutting-edge design to create Flow, a shaggy carpet from Vorwerk that will generate a cosy interior this autumn.

Featuring a high shaggy pile tufted onto a mesh-like base material in horizontal rows, Flow has an undulating three dimensional quality enhanced by alternating black mesh strips nestled between the ribbons of carpet. Offering a unique underfoot feeling, Flow will transport interior spaces back to the 70s for a full-on funky look.

Creating a striking impact as wall-to-wall carpet, Flow is also available in customisable rugs to suit any interior. In any size up to four metres wide and six metres long and with 23 different borders to choose from, you can have as little or as much Flow as you like.

Priced from £114.99 per square metre.

For further information contact Vorwerk Carpets UK on 020 7096 5090 or visit www.vorwerkcarpets.co.uk

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