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Kevin McCloud
Born: 8 May 1958 (age 53)
Bedfordshire, England
Residence: Frome, Somerset
Nationality: British
Occupation: Television presenter, journalist, designer
Spouse: Suzanna McCloud
Children: 4
TV Projects
  • Homefront
  • Grand Designs: Presenter Kevin McCloud follows some of Britain's most ambitious self-building projects, as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct the home of their dreams.
  • Kevin McCloud's Grand Tour -  Kevin retraces the steps of one of his heroes, the architect Inigo Jones, travelling from Paris to Venice, via Genoa, Parma and Vicenza, and learning about cheese, carnivals and courtesans along the way.
  • Don't Look Down - Don't Look Down for BBC2 in 2002, in which he climbed six tall buildings.
  • Kevin McCloud: Slumming It, Channel 4: Kevin travels to Dharavi in India to experience life in one of Asia's biggest slums.
  • Grand Designs Magazine

In 2006 Kevin formed Hab Housing (happiness, architecture, beauty). In partnership, the company is now working on housing projects in Swindon, with the first, for 180 highly sustainable homes, scheduled for completion in 2009.

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Kevin McCloud - build houses that make people happy PDF Print E-mail

Tuesday, 22 November 2011 16:05

Five years ago Kevin Mcleod set  up a company called Hab (Happiness Architecture Beauty) in order to "build houses that make people happy". The recession has slowed its progress, but its first creation, a 42-home development in Swindon called the Triangle, is now complete. Next month, Channel 4 is screening Kevin's Grand Design, a two-part documentary about the project, which was achieved in partnership with the housing association, GreenSquare Group. When it is suggested that the attention these programmes will attract will be a double-edged sword, he says: "It will be a one-edged sword with the blade laid across my throat."

Learn more about this project in this well written article by Rowan Moore, The Guardian

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