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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 17:14

Well they are now on your ipod and ipads. Yes you heard us right, the dynamic duo of Kirstie and Phil are back to their money making ways. Check out this video about their new app. Don't forget to take Phil and Kirstie with you next time you go house-hunting.

The Phil and Kirstie website tells all:

"We've made programmes about it, written books about it, and now we've gone one step further and made an app about it.

'House Hunter' is our foolproof guide to buying the home of your dreams and the best of it is you can download it straight to your iPhone. It's a pocket Kirstie & Phil with you every step of the way, guiding you on everything from searches and viewings to making an offer and of course, closing the deal. It is full of video guides and audio tips and contains detailed chapters on finance, mortgages, dealing with agents and more.

We've teamed up with Zoopla to give you an inbuilt property search engine so you can look for houses all over the country, save them, call or email the agents directly from the app. And if you want to work out how much you have to spend on your new home, we've created our very own budget calculator.

This app is a really brilliant tool for anyone about to head out and house hunt. We hope you enjoy watching us in your tiny screen too. Good luck searching!"

House Hunter is available to download now

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