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Taking care of your garden tools - AnySharp Edge PDF Print E-mail

Friday, 20 April 2012 12:12
If you’re a keen gardener you’ll know how frustrating it is when you plan to tackle a job only to find that you can’t because your tools are blunt. The AnySharp Edge is an easy to use hand held sharpener that will quickly restore the cutting edge on garden tools.
Taking care of your garden tools will help to turn gardening from a chore into a pleasure. If you’ve ever struggled to dig a planting hole for a new shrub with a blunt spade you’ll know how back breaking the task can be. You can restore your spade to sharpness with a few stokes of the
AnySharp Edge. If you’re planning to prune your fruit trees, whether that’s an apple or pear tree the AnySharp Edge will ensure your wide toothed pruning saw is sharp. Keeping your pruning saw sharp not only makes the cuts cleaner it makes it easier to complete the job. If your lawn is your pride and joy then the AnySharp Edge can also be used to sharpen the blades on your lawn mower, such is its practical nature you’ll find you don’t even need to remove the blades.
The ergonomic design of the AnySharp Edge means it fits easily into the palm of your hand whilst the rubber handle provides excellent grip. To sharpen the blade hold it steady with the blunt edge upper most, then run the “V” of the AnySharp Edge over the blade to sharpen it. Depending on how blunt the blade is you may need to pass the Edge over the blade several times in order to restore its full sharpness. During the sharpening process you’ll probably see metal dust coming off the blade, this is perfectly normal and shows that the AnySharp Edge is working properly. For an online demonstration please visit www.anysharp.com
The AnySharp Edge is available to buy direct from www.anysharp.com priced £14.99.
Canada Wood comes good for the Wood Awards PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 April 2012 12:12

Canada Wood, the joint initiative between the Canadian government and timber industry association partners representing producers in Canada, has this week confirmed its backing of the Wood Awards. The UK’s premier award scheme celebrating excellence in design in wood, the world’s leading naturally sustainable material, is currently calling for projects to enter this year’s competition.

In this collaborative venture, which is at the heart of Canada Wood, the six Canada Wood UK partner associations – the Canadian Plywood Association (CANPLY); Coast Forest Products Association (CFPA); Council of Forest Industries (COFI); Ontario Wood Products Export Association (OWPEA); Quebec Wood Export Bureau (Q-WEB) and Western Red Cedar Export Association (WRCEA) - are all enthusiastically committed to the Wood Awards. Their combined support makes Canada Wood the Wood Awards’ latest major sponsor for 2012.

Canada Wood in the UK provides industry, trade, specifiers, designers and the public with the support through information resources and marketing initiatives, advising on technical issues, sources of supply, product availability, grading, environmental matters and related topics, and offers a series of RIBA accredited CPD presentations that can be tailored to individual needs.

John Park, Canada Wood UK manager, said, “The Wood Awards is our opportunity to take advantage of the creative talent of building and furniture designers to showcase wood in all its splendour and for the many unheralded craftsmen and women out there to demonstrate just how good they are at working with it. As a major global producer of wood and wood products from a vast, diverse and sustainably managed forest resource, and with a centuries-old trading relationship with the UK, this support from Canada is a natural fit. Oh yes, and the Wood Awards is the most glamorous, cost-effective, focused and exciting way of selling wood to a specifier audience!”

“Canada Wood’s support is hugely encouraging, both for the Wood Awards and the industry as a whole,” said Wood Awards organiser, Lucy Kamall. “Canadian species and products have always featured strongly in the Wood Awards, and their generous support in this, our tenth year, along with our other committed sponsors enables us to spread the message about timber and wood products further and faster.”  The timber industry’s sustainability and promotion campaign, Wood for Good, also became a major sponsor of the Wood Awards this year, alongside long-standing supporters the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) and the Carpenters’ Company. Other sponsors include TRADA and American Softwoods, and support from BRE.

As Britain’s premier architecture and furniture competition celebrating excellence in design and craftsmanship using timber, the Wood Awards recognises, encourages, promotes and celebrates outstanding design, craftsmanship and installation in wood.

Art and horticulture merge in stunning new exhibition: Arctic Poppy Chronicles, Eden Project, April 18 to July 8 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 17:11

Description: Description: eden-logo horiz 2


Art and horticulture merge in stunning new exhibition: Arctic Poppy Chronicles, Eden Project, April 18 to July 8

A new exhibition exploring the beauty and vulnerability of one of the world’s most northerly growing plants has opened at the Eden Project.

Artist Michèle Noach joined forces with Eden horticulturist Ian Martin to grow Arctic poppies at the project’s nearby nursery as part of a three-year collaborative research project.

This fragile plant usually lives in the High Arctic, where London-based Michèle first discovered how the pale-petalled flower thrives in snowy meadows and mountains.

Her lenticular art show, the Arctic Poppy Chronicles, tracks the plant’s adaptive response to a warming environment as it is transplanted into progressively warmer temperatures.

Stunning floral images in optical 3D are highlights of the exhibition which runs from April 18 to July 8 at Eden’s Core education centre.

Excerpts from a new book, Poppyflakes, featuring a foreword from Eden’s co-founder and chief executive Tim Smit are also being shown.

The Arctic Poppy Chronicles is part of the Slow Art programme where Eden is working with Cape Farewell, a creative project that brings artists, scientists and communicators together to engage people in climate change.

Michèle said: “My work was to produce images that reflected what I saw and learnt about the poppies' progress.

“It struck me one day when photographing them, that they looked rather like snowflakes when shot from above.”

For more information on Eden’s work with Cape Farewell, go to: http://www.edenproject.com/whats-it-all-about/people-and-learning/music-and-art/climate-change-arts-programme

Protecting Green Spaces in Britain's Drought PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 16:14



Keeping our green and pleasant land just that, is proving to be an increasing challenge for British gardeners and landscapers, especially in light of the hosepipe ban imposed by seven UK water suppliers this week effecting over 20 million homes and businesses.

Our parks and green spaces are under threat following one of the driest two-year periods on record, and this year brings increased pressure to the industry in the form of the Olympic Games where the eyes of the world will be upon us expecting an English Country Garden in full bloom.

Although hosepipe ban concessions have been made for specific Olympic venues, the challenge is on especially in tourism locations to maintain the appearance of green spaces, and landscapers are increasingly looking to new technologies designed to retain water and boost the longevity of grassed areas.

The Terram product portfolio offers landscapers and professional gardeners a number of solutions which assist in retaining much needed moisture for grassed surfaces.

Turf Carpet is a mature ‘soil-less' grass growing in a biodegradable felt especially designed to retain moisture, give strength and flexibility. The felt itself is made from recycled British textiles, and acts as barrier to weeds as well as retaining water to promote establishment.

Suitable for temporary or permanent use in landscape architecture, grass flooring, green roofs and exhibitions, Turf Carpet™ can be rolled out for an instant green effect with minimal mess. It can also be used with a number of different grass types including hardwearing, drought tolerant, fine lawn, low maintenance, and wildflower and can be grown to order.

Good irrigation is a vital element of any landscaping project, porous pavers offer excellent drainage options and in drought conditions can help support water retention. BodPave 85 pavers unique interlocking cellular structure can be filled with soil and seed to create a natural grass surface, the cells retain water to help promote growth.

BodPave 85 is manufactured from 100% polymer and is suitable for both grassed and gravel retention, as well as SUDS source control applications.

For further information visit www.terram.com or call 01621 874 200

Horticultural careers need urgent image makeover and government recognition PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 April 2012 16:41

Embargoed Until; 00.01am 18 April 2012

16 April 2012

Mind the green skills gap!

Horticultural careers need urgent image makeover and government recognition

Horticulture: A Career to be Proud of conference', Wednesday 18 April 2012,

part of the UK's first National Gardening Week www.nationalgardeningweek.co.uk

Horticulture is for dropouts, it's unskilled and unfulfilling, according to young people. These are the findings of a new survey1 commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society. Almost 70% of 18-year-olds questioned believe horticultural careers should only be considered by people who have "failed academically". Nearly 50% of under-25s thinks horticulture is an "unskilled career".

Rainfall down in March; scientists urge gardeners to take care of their water table PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 April 2012 15:17


University of Leeds scientists offer gardeners practical tips on making the most of Spring rainfall.

With the Environment Agency today (13 April) reporting that England and Wales received only 38% of the rainfall normally expected in March, scientists from the University of Leeds’ leading interdisciplinary water research centre, water@leeds, are offering gardeners practical advice on how to make the most of any rainfall which does come their way.

Dr Rebecca Slack from water@leeds explained: “Water is a very valuable resource, particularly in times of drought, so we want to encourage gardeners to think about how they use it, just as they might think about how they use electricity or other utilities in their home.

French inspired bedroom furniture PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 April 2012 14:23

Newtons, renowned for its exquisite collection of French inspired bedroom furniture, has designed an elegant rattan collection to bring the fresh feeling of summer into the bedroom…

The smooth curved lines of the hand-carved Louis Rattan bed and the Chateau Rattan Chair are beautifully defined by the highly crafted double layers of hand weaved cane.  This gorgeous, light design evokes a romantic vibe of warm summer evenings in a rustic French Chateau.

The Louis Rattan bed and the Chateau Rattan Chair can be finished in any of the alluring colours from Newtons (Mahogany, Noir, D’Or (gold leaf), D’Argent (silver leaf), French White and Parisienne Cream). 

Hit the Bed More: Less Sleep Hurts Your Heart PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 April 2012 10:46
Getting less than six hours of sleep can significantly increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and congestive heart failure, according to a recent study. Findings by the American College of Cardiology reveal that sleeping less can escalate the chances of health problems including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.
The research, which involved around 3,000 patients over the age of 45, found that getting inadequate sleep can hurt your performance. It showed that those people who slept under six hours were twice as likely to have a stroke or heart attack and are 1.6 times more probably to have heart failure. However, the survey also found that sleeping more than eight hours was also not good for your heart and raised the risk of chest pain and coronary artery disease.Previous studies have shown that people who slept four to six hours a night had a declined ability to sustain attention and therefore it affected the quality of productivity and work. What is more, insufficient sleep has been linked to increased levels of stress hormones and inflammatory markers.
So with the recommendation of ideal quality sleep equating between six and eight hours, make sure that you hit the pillow accordingly. Struggle to drift off quickly? Quality beds and mattresses are needed to support the back and let the muscles relax properly.
Spring into Summer with Babyface PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 April 2012 10:34


Spring in to Summer!



The Wood Awards 2012 - Entries now open! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 April 2012 09:54


The Wood Awards is once again open for entries for the UK’s premier award scheme for the world’s only naturally sustainable material. The Wood Awards is free to enter, with no administration charge, and entries are now open via the website www.woodawards.com. The closing deadline is 1st June.
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