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Why investing in solar roof panels is a good idea PDF Print E-mail

Friday, 04 May 2012 10:44

Solar roof panels may not look as appetising now, with the Government reducing rates for the feed-in tariff, from 43.3p/w, to 21p. This is along with the changes that will prevent inefficient homes from benefitting from the top rates.

Under the regulations, properties with an Energy Performance Certificate rating less than level D, won’t receive the 21p rate.

But despite the cuts, the Solar Trade Association (STA), say that solar is still very investable and there are fantastic returns for homeowners with solar roof panels.

The STA chief executive, Paul Barwell, said: “Despite all the reported ups and downs for the solar industry in recent months we want to get the message across to householders solar is a good investment at current tariff rates.”

Even though the tariff rates may have dropped, investing in solar still gives you the same return of investment as 2011, because the cost of panels has fallen too.

Solar roof panels:

· Provide homeowners with a fixed income on the 21p tariff rate

· Guarantee a return of investment of between 10% and 15%

· Generate free, environmentally friendly energy for more than 25 years

· Add value to your home (Not applicable for free solar schemes).

The STA’s push has come after it was revealed solar companies have had a drop in orders in 2012. People seem to have ignored the fact solar has fallen in price and looked only at the feed-in tariff cuts.

But when you see the facts – that solar roof panels provide free electricity for 25 years, generating an income and providing an excellent return of investment – they’re well worthwhile.

The STA want homeowners to see this potential and encourage people to invest, in a viable, renewable product.

Mr Barwell added: “Cutting the tariffs in half may look drastic, but the public need to understand this is not a problem for them because the costs of solar have fallen so fast. Solar is a great investment and spring is a great time to invest.”

The STA and the Department of Energy and Climate Change have been working closely to ensure there’s a future for solar roof panels in the UK. The Government have their own targets – of seeing 22GW of solar energy by 2020 and want the STA to build a roadmap to help get there.

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