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New Brand 'ICON-GLASS' breaks into the KBB Sector... PDF Print E-mail

Friday, 04 May 2012 11:11

New brand ‘ICON-GLASS’ breaks into the KBB Sector…


ICON-GLASS, a brand new product and design concept by Glassdomain hits the Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom industry. Bringing with it a host of new opportunities via Glassdomain, this collection is the ideal choice for visionary designers, architects and retailers.

With a collection of contemporary kitchen splashbacks, electric glass wall radiators, shower panels and wall art, ICON-GLASS is highly commercial combining quality glass with a unique printing process that is guaranteed to inspire, modernise and potentially revolutionise interior design.

Remaining relatively exclusive to Glassdomain, ICON-GLASS is aggressively marketing this innovation by employing a formidable team of experienced industry representatives across the UK to increase product and brand awareness supplying to both the residential and commercial markets.

Looking to provide a complete retail experience for the end user via a network of showrooms across the UK, Glassdomain continues to develop the opportunities that ICON presents both now and long into the future …

For further information please contact Glassdomain;



by glassdomain

T: 0121 236 6637 | W: glassdomain.co.uk | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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