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Charles Church reinventing the concept of the unassuming showhome! PDF Print E-mail

Thursday, 10 May 2012 14:05


First impressions will definitely last for home seekers when they visit a Charles housing development in Newport, which is offering a colourful new perspective on the concept of a show home.

Charles Church has consigned magnolia paint and biscuit coloured carpets to the dustbin once and for all, after creating an ‘eclectic’ vision for potential buyers to take in whenever they visit to look around. Persimmon Homes East Wales sales director Sharon Robinson said: “We just decided that we wanted to  make a statement and create a vision that was memorable.

“As a Charles Church development, we had to ensure the show home looked expensive too, but not traditional like so many others up and down the country.

“It is easily the most exciting show home we have ever put our name to and it is safe to say that you will either love it or hate it!”

Interior designer Michelle Hudson said: “The scheme was designed by thinking 'outside' of the box, and gave me many a sleepless night.

“Hopefully I've pushed the boundaries and who knows if this will change the look and feel of Show Homes from now on.

“The stylist was instructed to shop at high end interior stores, as well as charity shops and markets to achieve the eclectic look.”

The Parklands Glan Llyn development is claimed to be the most exciting social and sustainable redevelopment in Wales, offering up to 4,000 new homes for everyone from first time buyers to families and older people.

It is one of the largest regeneration programmes in the UK, with over £2 billion of investment bringing new homes, transport links, leisure, education, healthcare, business and employment to the city.

In a further good news story for the development, Charles Church is now boasting its first reservation too, with the first neighbours of a brand new neighbourhood officially moving into their home in April.

For more information contact www.charleschurch.com


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