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Painting the Interior and Exterior of the Home could Boost Property Value PDF Print E-mail

Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:25
A fresh coat of the right paint could make ‘all the difference’ when it comes to bumping-up the asking price for a home – according to UK industrial paint providers, Promain.
Promain have supplied a variety of paints for over 23 years in the UK – from standard emulsion to specialist barn paint.  The experts have endorsed advice from estate agents to freshen up the paintwork both inside and outside the home, in order to raise its appeal – and value.
One Guildford estate agent was recently quoted by the Independent saying ‘a fresh coat of neutral paint’ helps improve the property’s appearance.  First impressions can be the makings of a sale for the right price and whereas any subtle paint job is likely to help.
Promain advise homeowners to use masonry paint to sharpen up the exterior appearance of the home – improving the chances of a positive first impression from prospective buyers.
Promain stock over 17 different paints specifically formulated for domestic walls, ceilings and domestic fixtures, amongst their enormous range of industrial products.  Scratch resistant lacquers are used for wooden banisters, anti-damp paints are used for humid bathrooms – redecorating each individual room with paints handpicked by Promain, rejuvenates the appearance of the entire home.
When paint adds to the practical value of a home as well as its design, a boost in property value can be considered more than justifiable.  For example, innovations like Promain heat resistant paint can protect exterior domestic fittings from things like rust corrosion over time.
A spokesperson for Promain commented:
‘We’re here to help DIYers and contractors alike.  If we can put more people in touch with the best paints for the job, then homeowners can start selling their properties for a more satisfactory price.  It’s the minor details which can make all the difference.  Read the data sheets on our site, study the special features of each paint or give us a call and ask some questions – it’s well worth the investment.’
Meanwhile, house prices in London are rising while the rest of the country experiences a dip in property value.  The housing market will continue to fluctuate but the advice from estate agents and experts like Promain, is for homeowners to do everything they can to get the best asking price for their home – time the sale well and significant profits can be made.
To find out more about the range of different paints available, visit www.promain.co.uk today.
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