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Friday, 31 August 2012 12:49


A brand new service has been launched meaning you never have to be locked out again.

SpareKeys offers the secure storage and 24/7 emergency delivery of your spare keys, providing worry-free, guaranteed access to your home or vehicle in the event of a lock-out, from just £2.99 a month


The nationwide service allows consumers to place house, car, or bike keys in secure storage, with priority delivery provided upon request. The network of 18 depots are located in major towns and cities throughout the UK to ensure that customers are typically rescued within an hour. The quickest delivery to date is just eight minutes.

Consumer research shows that 51 per cent of people have lost their keys, while 80 per cent of those surveyed found themselves locked out of their house at least once or twice a year – clearly us Brits need a solution!


What’s more, old fashioned locksmiths can cost up to a whopping £215 in central London, while your house insurance may be invalid if you can’t account for all your spare keys – suddenly leaving a set under a plant pot may not be such a good idea after all!

At a time when most of us don’t know our neighbours, or live too far away from our family to rely on them, SpareKeys is the modern-day solution for any damsel in distress.

The highly professional team are on hand to reassure you throughout the rescue and deliver your keys to anywhere on the UK mainland, providing a safe recovery service.

The service is available at www.SpareKeys.com.

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