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Sunday, 02 September 2012 03:47


The British Museum Shops are renowned for their fabulous product collections. From high end jewellery, beautifully bound books and interior design pieces for the home, to ceramic mugs, key rings and accessories.

Now visitors and fans of the iconic British Museum can order bespoke art prints to hang in their home or office, of the famous originals housed inside the Museum. Also available is a glorious wide range of art prints inspired by the British Museum's temporary exhibitions, which are regularly updated with new collections. Customers simply go to the British Museum's online store, choose the prints they wish to buy, choose the size, select between fine art paper or canvas, choose a mount and frame and the picture will be made up and delivered.

[image][image]The ‘Horse' and ‘Shakespeare' exhibitions being held at the British Museum currently have in particular inspired much of the Art Prints Collection. From a print of a famous portrait of Shakespeare himself and historic Elizabethan paintings, to reproductions of the exquisite Jacques le Moynes nature watercolours. This beautiful watercolour painting of a Globe Artichoke is one of a set of drawings from a nature album by French artist Jacques Le Moyne (1533 - 1588). Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues was a specialist draughtsman of flowers and natural history during the Age of Discovery.

The Horse Art Prints include reproductions of many famous and well-loved paintings, from portraits of legendary racehorses back in history to works by Stubbs.



Other categories in the British Museum British shop's Art Prints Collection include:

British Art - a selection of iconic British fine art prints including works by Turner, Hogarth, Gill, Burne-Jones and more.



French Art - A selection of beautiful drawings and sketches from artists such as Watteau and Degas, as well as the bright posters and portraits of Toulouse-Lautrec.


Renaissance Drawings - sketches and drawings by Renaissance greats such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Raphael have been turned into a selection of beautiful fine art prints.


Dutch Art - fine art prints focusing on the detailed drawings and portraits of Dutch artist Rembrandt.

Central European Art - a collection of fine art prints celebrating the work of artists from across Central Europe, including German artist Albrecht Durer.


Japanese Art - a selection of beautiful Japanese art including the iconic Under the Wave print by Katsushika Hokusai and other famous Japanese woodblock prints.


Chinese Prints - This collection of fine art prints show a mixture of striking landscapes and everyday scenes from Chinese life.



Indian Paintings - a range of colourful paintings depicting some of the important themes and beliefs of Indian culture and religion.


Mexican Prints - these fine art prints are inspired by the images that were displayed in the Museum's exhibition Revolution on Paper: Mexican Prints 1910-1960.[image]

Museum & Masterpieces - the collections of the British Museum are home to many treasures and iconic objects, and the Museum building itself is full of beautiful design features.


Nature - a Nature selection of fine art prints includes many different styles, all with a focus on plants and animals.


Landscapes - a selection of beautiful landscape paintings and drawings covering many different styles, genres and regions.


Portraits - taken from across the British Museum collections, these fine art prints focus on the portrayal of people in different mediums and styles.

The British Museum Shop, both at the Museum and online, sells stylish ranges carefully chosen to reflect the permanent treasures and temporary exhibitions at the British Museum. The British Museum is the most popular visitor attraction in the UK and the British Museum Shop is established as a hugely popular destination for shoppers and collectors alike offering high quality and a wide range of gifts, books, jewellery and artworks.

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