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Tuesday, 25 September 2012 10:18


What are the colours of Christmas?

[image]We think of Father Christmas, the Queens Speech, roaring fires and presents, so which colours provide the backdrop for our festivities and where do they come from?

Royal Warrant holders Mylands established in 1884, a company that is the very essence of British Christmas values, has a choice os 120 historically inspired British colours in its new Colours of London paint collection, or indeed it can make up any colour bespoke.

Many generations of the Myland family have run the company, building up an unsurpassed range of master craftsman made paints that are at the very core of the British psyche. Mylands paints are depended on for use in many of the greatest historic buildings in London. Tried and tested techniques have been passed down through the years, making Mylands' master colourmen the best in the business. While they make use of every innovation that the industry has developed, they find that a digital colour match cannot compete with the craftsman's touch, and they still carry out much of their final colour matching by eye.

[image]So what are the paint colours that intensify Christmas atmospheres but that we will still love and want next summer?

Theatre Land gives hints or regal greatness with its deep reds, giving warmth and comfort on snowy evenings and reflecting warm fire light on to happy faces, perhaps the red of Father Christmas's hat and the glistening holly berry.


Rothschild Street is a contemporary yet warming winter colour, named after the street where Mylands are based in London it gives a snug yet chic feel to town house rooms.


Archway House might seem an odd choice but the most striking furnishings and art need a bold yet passive backdrop so show their true festive vibrancy.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

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