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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 01:47

Home and Gardening would like to thank keen gardener, Janet Fletcher for her review of the Fiskars weed puller. This sounds like a must for any gardeners tool shed!!

The Fiskars Weed Puller
Review: 5/5

We have recently acquired a Fiskar garden weeding tool which has a telescopic action. The four bladed weed puller head is placed over the centre of the weed and gentle foot pressure on the side lever grips the weed and root so it can be lifted out of the ground. A quick push on the orange slide mechanism releases the plant directly into your bucket or barrow for disposal.

Using the weeder is easy on the back and knees because no bending or force is needed to operate the tool and removing whole weed plants and roots takes away the need to use harmful chemicals or herbicides.

We have a problem with broad leaved plantains and dandelions in the lawn and found the tool excellent for lifting them both. Very little disturbance of the soil occurred from the place where the weeds were removed. Lots of unwanted plants can be removed in a very short time.

In the donkey's paddock there has been a patch of thistles that grow flat on the ground and have vicious prickles which penetrate most gardening gloves! A session with the weed puller dealt with them without the need to touch the plants at all. The result was a patch of bare earth a couple of metres square to which we applied new grass seed mixed with a little fine soil. The grass is starting to show through—in previous years I have never succeeded in clearing all the thistles because the prickles beat me.

The tool is good for lifting poisonous ragwort when the plants are just emerging from the ground.  When the ragwort flower stem has grown tall, simply bend the stem over with your foot and then use the weeder in the usual way and the whole plant and roots can be lifted for safe disposal. Some people are sensitive to ragwort so not having contact with the plant is desirable.

Where the soil is very stony, care must be taken not to damage the base plate surrounding the four bladed weed puller head but in normal use the tool is robust, lightweight and can be used in confined spaces or crowded flowerbeds. The Fiskar weeding tool is definitely a garden "must-have".

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