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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 17:02

It's the hottest product of the moment. Many shops are predicting a 5 to 6 week shipping wait if you are lucky. So what is the best way to get your hands on an ipad2?

Here are some tips:

1. The Apple Store - Every night at 9pm your local apple store will update their stock levels. If they have stock that has arrived then you can reserve for pick up the next day. You must be on the website at 9:00pm. Stock will sell out within minutes.


2. Many other stores are asking customers to put $100 deposit down to reserve an ipad2. We don't recommend this. You don't want to tie yourself to one store.

3. Order from the online apple store. Many people are reporting ipad2 stock is only taking 2 weeks to arrive.

4. Check twitter - Do a search for ipad2 and the area you live eg ipad2 london. You will be able to see the latest feeds about ipad2 and can often see where people have found stock.

5. Bug your Apple Store - This may seem a bit radical however this sometimes works. It helps if you live or work near an Apple Store and you visit on a regular (several times a day) basis, you might be lucky enough to be in the store when a delivery of iPad 2s arrives.  It should also help if the Apple Store staff becomes familiar with your smiling face through your frequent visits -- they might go out of their way to get an iPad 2 for you just to stop you from being in the store all of the time.

I have heard that some of the Apple geek genius staff are reporting an increase in people chatting them up. Some people will do anything for an ipad2!!

6. Check Gumtree, Craigslist and Ebay - Many of the Apple Stores were limiting purchases of iPad 2s to two per person. However some keen entrepreneurial types have ordered quite a few to sell on.  Although you'll pay a premium to get the latest and greatest iPad a bit sooner, these outlets may be your best bet for a quick purchase.

7. Settle for 2nd best - Why not just settle for the ipad 1? Save yourself money and time. But be warned everyone who meets you will point out there is a new ipad2 available.

8. Be patient - within a few weeks you will be able to walk into most tech stores and buy one. You will get The model and colour that you want.

9. Win One

10. Spend your hard earned money on something else. YOu know this will all happen again when they bring out ipad3!




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